How to take care of children during cold wave? Read experts' advice
How to take care of children during cold wave? Read experts' advice

New Delhi: Cold wave conditions are at their peak in north India these days. In such a season, the most difficulties are in the upbringing of infants and children. Special care should be taken for children born in cold weather. The immunity of newborns is low. Even the slightest negligence can be costly. Kangaroo mother care is very helpful in keeping the body temperature of children stable during cold times. In such weather, children should be avoided from being taken out of the house during the morning and evening. So that children can be protected from the cold.

Paediatricians point out that infants born during cold need to take special care. During this corona epidemic, the risk of infants getting infected is high. The first diet the baby receives from the mother after birth is the mother's first thick milk, which contains a variety of essential minerals and nutrients that enhance the baby's immunity as well as help in their mental and physical development. It is because of its nutritional abilities that this first thick milk is yellow or orange in colour. Also known as the first vaccine of the newborn, which protects newborns from many future diseases. This thick milk also protects the newborn from a variety of diseases.

Experts point out that the development of immunity of newborns and children up to six months of age is also helpful in fighting the cold for them. Infants must get their mother's milk for six consecutive months. For all kinds of mental and physical development in the newborn's body, it is important that they continue to get mother's milk. At this time, newborns depend entirely on their mother's milk. Breast milk also plays an important role in maintaining the immunity of newborns during this corona epidemic. Even after thick milk, the milk from the mother is able to satisfy all the nutritional needs of the newborn. It is important that during the Corona epidemic if the mother's milk is available to the newborns without any external touch, the risk of getting infected is reduced. At the same time, they are nourished.

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