Huawei operating system to replace Android

May 21 2019 09:26 PM
Huawei operating system to replace Android

In light of events with Huawei, the company revealed some details of its plan to continue the release of smartphones. Last fall, top managers of this giant said they were preparing for possible sanctions and developed their own operating system in the event of the impossibility of using Android.

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Huawei's operating system is called Hongmeng, but some experts believe it may be a code name. The new universal OS is based on Linux. The manufacturer plans to use it in smartphones and laptops. Huawei says that smartphones with this OS have been using engineers for some time.

Google has recently blocked Huawei access to Android, the Play Store, and other services. Future Huawei phones will lose access to new Android versions, security patches, and other popular services, including the Google Play Store, Gmail, YouTube, and more. The full details of the blockade are currently being discussed within Google. Huawei lawyers are also studying the consequences of falling into the "black list".

In November 2018, Vice-President of Huawei's mobile device division, Bruce Lee, officially announced the development of his own OS. It should replace Android on smartphones Huawei and Honor. In March 2019, Huawei's CEO Yu Chengdong reiterated information on her work.

The development of its Huawei OS, according to preliminary information, began in 2012. It should have been protected in the event of various controversial issues, since Android is controlled by Google, which is an American company. Huawei kept its Huawei OS because it is not as high quality as Android and does not have a rich ecosystem of applications.

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