Two colours of tomatoes, somewhere Rs 9, somewhere Rs 143 per kg
Two colours of tomatoes, somewhere Rs 9, somewhere Rs 143 per kg

New Delhi: The prices of green vegetables may be on the ground, but the prices of tomatoes have skyrocketed. The most expensive tomato in the country was sold at Mayabunder in Andaman and Nicobar at Rs 143 per kg on Thursday, while the cheapest at Rs 9 per kg was in Purulia in Bihar. These figures have been taken from the website of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs. The prices of essential commodities vary greatly in terms of their quality and accessibility in different parts of the country.

Take the onions like that now. On June 2, the price of onions in most of the cities of north India was Rs 15 to Rs 20 per kg, while in the northeastern states, onions were selling at Rs 60 a kg. The most expensive onion in the country was sold at Rs 60 per kg in Sohra, Aizawl and Kohima. The cheapest onion was sold at Rs 8 per kg in Sagar in Madhya Pradesh. If you talk about potatoes, in Sahibganj and Purulia in Bihar, the cheapest potato was sold for Rs 10 per kg, then on the same day, the price of one kg of potato in Maybandar was Rs 55.

Similarly, there is a huge difference in the prices of edible oils. The same packet of mustard oil that you will get in Jabalpur for Rs 147, you will get the same packet at Ramanathapuram in Tamil Nadu for Rs 270. The cheapest vanaspati (pack) was Rs 92 a litre in Surat, while the same packet sold for Rs 214 in Wayanad, Kerala. The price of soya oil was Rs 105 in Bodeli in Gujarat, while in Lohardaga in Jharkhand, it was Rs 203. The cheapest sunflower oil was rs 139 a packet in Surat, while in Rohtas in Bihar, the most expensive oil was sold at Rs 260 a packet. Palm All is the cheapest in Jamshedpur for Rs 85, while in Port Blair, rs 187 has to be paid for it.

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