Husband told his wife- 'Abba is young, it is your duty to keep him happy' and then...

Feb 10 2020 04:47 PM
Husband told his wife- 'Abba is young, it is your duty to keep him happy' and then...

Recently, a new case of crime has emerged from Bihar. In this case, a victim Muslim woman who reached the State Women's Commission said, 'Her husband asks her to support her father-in-law. Husband says that Abba is young, cooperates with him, otherwise, he will divorce. On not doing so, he beat me up. This most troubled Muslim woman has complained against her husband and father-in-law to the Women's Commission. In this case, Naushaba Khatoon of Patna City has filed a complaint against her husband and father-in-law in Bihar State Commission on Wednesday.

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In front of the member statue of the commission, the victim, who lives in Patna City, said that she was married to Mohammad Jafar, a resident of Muzaffarpur in 2012, who works in Darbhanga itself. After Nikah, the victim Naushaba has started living in Darbhanga with her husband, but after the mother-in-law's death, the husband took her to her in-law's place, where she has returned after staying for a few days. ' In this case, the victim says, "After coming back, there was a lot of change in the behavior of the husband and he always asked her to go to his in-laws' house. He also started beating." During this time, in-laws went to the festival of Eid last year, then the husband left her there. The father-in-law would come to the room late at night after seeing the victim alone, sometimes he would stand back while washing clothes in the bathroom. 

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The victim further said in this case, 'First of all, he complained to his husband, he took away the mobile and said that my father is young, cooperate with him, it is your duty to keep Abba happy. Otherwise, you will get divorced." After this, somehow the victim came out from there and complained. The victim also said, "My father-in-law had two marriages and both of his wives died."

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