Husband force wife to make sexual relation with other person

May 14 2020 04:20 PM
Husband force wife to make sexual relation with other person

Bathinda: The case of crime that has come up recently has come from Bathinda. In this case, the wife made a case of dowry harassment on the husband, then the husband showed his generosity. The husband crossed all limits to take revenge on her. It happened that the husband forced his wife to have a relationship with another man in order to avenge her slander. In this case, the accused husband was raping his maternal uncle's wife for the last three months at the gunpoint. According to reports, when the woman's condition started getting worse after being two and a half months pregnant, her husband left her at the railway station and escaped.

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In this case, the lady sarpanch of her village took Bathinda to her maternal home. According to reports, this matter is related to Balluana, village of Abohar. Where the woman is admitted in a government hospital. On Tuesday, the police of Abohar police station Sadar took the statement of the woman. The woman, who lives in Balluana, a village in Abohar, said that "her husband is a hair dresser in shop" A year ago she complained against her husband for harassing her for dowry. After which the case went to court. The case went on for a year. Later, after the Panchayati Pact, she started living in her in-laws' house.

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Further, the woman said, "Shortly after the case was over, her husband started beating her up and her husband's son (who was in his shop) to avenge the court case made by her. He also forced her to make relation with other man. After knowing all this, the police has started investigating the case.

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