Madhya Pradesh: Husband murders wife by paying Rs 5 lakh

Jan 22 2021 03:51 PM
Madhya Pradesh: Husband murders wife by paying Rs 5 lakh

Bhopal: Recently, there has been a case of crime that will blow your senses after knowing. The matter is from Madhya Pradesh. In this case, a husband murdered his wife by giving supari. The case has been disclosed by the police in 7 days. The case is on the 14th of January when the police found the body of an unidentified woman in a secluded area near the village Ofda in Susner police station area. The police saw the woman's body did not have full clothes and there were bruises on her face. When the post mortem was done, the cause of death was found to be strangulation.

The police started the investigation. The police investigation revealed that the body is of Arjun Fauji's wife. The name of the woman was Kamakshi, which is originally from Chhindwara. The police identified the buried body by visiting Chhindwara and calling the family members of the deceased. After that, Kamakshi's brother said, "Arjun made an illegal relationship with his sister on the pretext of marriage, which was complained to the police. After that, Fauji got married at the Temple of Arya Samaj. '

In the case, the police said that Arjun gave supari of Rs 5 lakh to 3 people to hide their relations. The three accused have now been apprehended in the case. The trio said, "We told Kamakshi that her husband was calling her Agar Malwa and lured her into the car. On the way, she was strangled in the jungle of Semali Harnavada and killed her and threw her into the Palada forest to conceal the corpse." Now the search for mastermind husband Arjun is continuing in this case.

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