Husband shot dead wife then committed suicide

Jun 26 2020 02:01 PM
Husband shot dead wife then committed suicide

Recently, the case of crime which has come to the fore is that of Baraula bridge, Bannadevi area of Aligarh district. Where three people died after being shot in a house near the pool. In this case, the young man first shot and killed his wife and after that, he shot himself. In this case, after seeing the bodies of brother and sister-in-law, the younger brother also shot and committed suicide. When the police got information about this matter, they reached the spot.

The bodies have been sent for post mortem. According to reports, Police is seriously investigating all aspects. This matter seems to be a home tragedy. In this case, information has been received that Shailendra lived with his wife Pinky, younger brother Vishal and parents and the elder brother lived with his wife Kiran in a nearby house.

It is being told that about one o'clock in the night, there was an argument between Shailendra, Pinky and Vishal about something and after that Shailendra shot his wife Pinky. After that, he shot himself and committed suicide. After all this, Shailendra's younger brother Vishal shot himself and committed suicide. Police have started the investigation.

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