Husband does not fear to kill his wife, these two cases shocked everyone

Sep 20 2019 01:20 PM
Husband does not fear to kill his wife, these two cases shocked everyone

Recently, a case of crime has emerged from Delhi's Anand Parbat area where a husband has killed his wife. In this case, the husband and wife were living in a house in Anand Parbat for 3 years on rent and the husband works for the accessories of the vehicles.

At the same time, they both have a son of 2 years. In this case, it has been told that there was a dispute between the husband and wife about the son and after that, the husband killed the wife. At the same time, when the husband did all this, he was drunk.

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In this case, it has been reported that the alcohol intoxication of the husband was such that even after killing the wife, he did not even try to escape from the spot and he remained there. At the same time, the police has sent the wife's body for postmortem and the husband has been arrested.

In this case, the police is trying to know whether "it was just a few minutes of anger or there is some old reason for the dispute between husband and wife". Along with this, another case has also emerged. Which is in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, where a husband strangled his wife to death in Kailash Gali in Dehligate area. At the same time, by hanging himself on the noose, he also committed suicide.

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On the next day, on Tuesday (September 17) morning, when both of them did not come out of the room for long enough, the family members got suspicious and the family knocked on the door but no sound came from inside. They Informed the police on the possibility of untoward incident. Police reached the information received in this case, broke the door and took both the bodies in the possession and sent them to the post mortem house. In this case, the police is investigating.

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