Husband reaches police station on his own after wife's murder, will be surprised to know the case

Dehradun: The mehndi of the wedding that took place two months ago was not missed when the husband strangled his wife to death. The murdered husband then called 112 himself and informed the police and then went to Kotwali himself. He told the police that he had strangled his wife to death. At first, the police personnel considered him mentally ill, but when they went home, the wife's body was lying on the bed. Police have arrested the criminal husband. A case has also been registered against the deceased's mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law and two jethas.

Farha (26), a resident of Kheda, was married to Baidpura resident Mashkur Ali on October 24, 2020. The family members alleged that Mashkur had been demanding a big car and Rs 5 lakh since marriage. Farha was being assaulted for not giving dowry. The woman had also told this to her mother a few days ago. He assaulted his wife over something on Thursday morning. And strangulated him to death.

The criminal then reached Rudrapur Kotwali himself where he was taken into custody by the police. When the murder was detected, Farha's parents rushed to the spot. It is alleged that the family members, including 8 brothers of the criminal, abused and assaulted them. SP City Mamata Bohra along with police force reached the spot at Tahrir. Police seized the body and sent it for postmortem. The deceased's father Riyazuddin informed the police in Kotwali that his son-in-law Mashkur, mother-in-law Hasin Bano, father-in-law Wajid Khan, Jeth Sajid Khan, Ikram Khan and Devar Nizam Khan were not happy with the dowry given at the wedding. They were taunting them for giving a buggy in dowry and demanding a big car and Rs 5 lakh. He explained a lot to his son-in-law, but he refused. Seven days ago, his daughter Farha had said that she was threatening to kill her if the dowry demand was not met. The son-in-law's father said on a call on Thursday morning that his daughter was lying unconscious. She was found dead when she reached her daughter's in-laws. She accused the susralis, including her husband, of killing her daughter and demanded action. The same police have registered a case against the culprits.

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