Sagar: Husbands cruelty, cut both hands of wife with axe
Sagar: Husbands cruelty, cut both hands of wife with axe

Bhopal: In Madhya Pradesh, cases of crime are increasing day by day. Domestic violence with women has also increased a lot here. Recently a new case has come up. The new case that has come up is from the Sagar district. Yes, here a husband has crossed all the limits of cruelty. On Monday night, 20-year-old Aarti Gond and her husband Ranveer had a dispute over something. On seeing this, the controversy grew so much that Ranvir angrily cut both the hands of Aarti with an ax. After the incident, Aarti's father-in-law and brother-in-law's wife took her to Hamidia Hospital in Bhopal at 2 pm. Their doctors checked Aarti's hand and immediately decided to do the operation.

According to reports, a team of 9 doctors started the operation at 4 pm which lasted till 1 pm. While performing this operation, the doctors joined both the hands of Aarti. By the way, this is not the first such case, has already come up before this. It is being called a second case within 2 weeks.

What had happened- Aarti and Ranveer had a dispute over something in the night. In no time, the dispute escalated, and after that, Ranvir got angry and brought Aarti out of the house. After this, he took Aarti to the forest about 1 kilometer from the house and there he cut both the hands Aarti with an axe. During this, the bones, nerves, and ligaments of both the hands of Aarti were separated. Aarti shouted loudly and the people gathered around on hearing her voice. He was then sent to Sagar Medical, but seeing her condition, the doctors referred him to Bhopal.

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