Telangana: Veterinary doctor died of suffocation, Body was set on fire
Telangana: Veterinary doctor died of suffocation, Body was set on fire

HYDERABAD: Recently a big disclosure revealed by the accused who murdered her after gang-raping a government Veterinary Doctor. According to the police, an accused confest his crime to suppress the victim's screams in generosity shown during the rape. Due to this, she died due to breathlessness. Police Commissioner VC Sajjanar said that the accused were terrified by the screaming of the female doctor during the gang rape. During this time, one of the accused forcefully shut her mouth. The doctor died of suffocation due to inability to breathe. According to the Commissioner of Police, this incident of humiliation took place between 9.35 am and 10 pm on Wednesday night.

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The bodies were loaded into the truck: According to sources, it has been learned that after the death of the female doctor in the gang rape, the accused loaded her in a truck. In order to hide the dead body, while filling diesel in a truck from a petrol pump in the highway, the accused also stuffed some petrol in a can. To destroy the evidence, after reaching the deserted place, petrol was sprayed on the body and set on fire. According to the Commissioner of Police, the four accused Mohammed Arif, Naveen, Chintakunta Keshavulu and Shiva were caught with the help of people interrogated and the CCTV present nearby.

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The whole conspiracy was already decided: On the other hand, the Commissioner of Police says that the four accused had made a complete conspiracy on Wednesday morning after seeing the victim standing on the toll plaza. Under this spot, accused release air from the victim's Scooty. When the lady doctor reached there by taxi from Gachibowli around 9 in the night, the truck driver Arif and his helper Shiva took her away from the toll plaza on the pretext of fixing scooty's puncture. After this, all four took her to an empty plot and carried out the gang rape. All the four accused, who were sent to jail after gang-raping a female vet and killing her and burning the body, were sent to judicial custody on Friday. The Telangana police arrested the four accused in the Shadnagar area on Friday. A large crowd outside the Shadnagar police station also protested against the incident. While taking the accused to court, the police also had to use mild force to remove the protesters.

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