Hyderabad Rape Case: South stars, including Chinmayi, got angry, said: "This punishment..."
Hyderabad Rape Case: South stars, including Chinmayi, got angry, said:

Hyderabad: Recently, the news of the burnt corpse of Telangana after a rape with a 27-year-old vet in Hyderabad shook everyone. What is common and what is special, everyone is angry with this incident. Hyderabad Police has arrested four people in this case. At the same time, the death penalty is being demanded by the accused. This is the reason why it is included in the top trends on Twitter. The horrific manner in which this brutal crime was carried out has shaken people all over India. South stars are also angry with this incident and are tweeting and demanding the execution of the culprits.

According to information received from the sources, Chinmayi Shripada, the famous singer of South Cinema, wrote on Twitter, "Another rape victim found just a short distance after the vet? According to the reports, she was also burnt. He further wrote, 'Many men have started telling me that you can't blame entire men because of a rape. I want to tell them that because of this rape many of us girls lose their independence.

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Arjun Reddy star Vijay Deverakonda wrote, 'How many of us have to do that when the women of our house feel insecure outside, we have to stay on the phone. This is one of the scariest things. We have to take responsibility for boys/men in our homes, our friends and around us. If you see someone doing something wrong, fix it, explain it and those who cannot live like humans have no need for human rights. Forward this message. Our life is most important. Call the police for any help.

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At the same time, Kirti Suresh, who has won the National Award for Best Actress for her greatness, also expressed anger by tweeting. He wrote, 'I am surprised to hear that a doctor was raped and burnt alive. I'm literally Such incidents are happening in a safe city like Hyderabad. When will our country be safe for women? I trust karma.

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Kajal Aggarwal wrote, 'It is necessary to punish the guilty. Adequate security is required at this time. His mistake was so much that he believed the people who promised him help. Apart from this, Koina Mitra has also tweeted and demanded the death penalty for the accused.

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