Easy approach to cure Hyperpigmentation
Easy approach to cure Hyperpigmentation

We normally want our skin to look flawless and in uniform colour. This is rare due to hyperpigmentation of the skin. Hyperpigmentation means slightly darker or lighter patches of skin on the face. This happens due to excessive light or heat exposure, genetically caused or is hormone induced.
If you are suffering from the same problem then don't worry. You can make some creams at home to cure this problem, let's have a look:

Daily treatment:
As sunlight is a major contributor to hyperpigmentation wearing SPF at all times is essential. Even if you’re only outside for twenty minutes a day or one day it’s cloudy, you must apply it each morning for protection. Although it’s not as damaging as the sun, even the blue light from TV screens and laptops can affect your pigmentation.

Natural remedy:
Ginger is an amazing natural remedy that will tone and rebalance your skin’s pH level, reducing hyperpigmentation. Simply boil half a cup of boiling water and leave a few slices of fresh ginger to marinade in the water. Leave it to cool in the fridge overnight and strain the water into a bottle to keep as a toner.

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