Car showroom hired street dog as salesman, picture going viral

Aug 06 2020 01:40 PM
Car showroom hired street dog as salesman, picture going viral

You must have heard many strange news. In this sequence, today we are also going to tell you bizarre news. We are going to tell you about a dog who has become a star on the Internet at this time. The reason for this dog becoming a star is his job. No one would have ever thought that a dog can also be a 'salesman'.

The matter that we are going to tell you is of Brazil. Hyundai car company in Brazil has kept a destitute dog roaming outside its showroom as a 'salesman'. According to a report, Dog's ID cards have also been made and that card remains in his neck. This dog is an employee of the company. Pictures of this dog are becoming viral on social media, which people are liking. This dog is called Sub Tucson. Not only this but this dog is known as tucson_prime on Instagram.

More than 41 thousand people follow him on Instagram. According to reports, earlier this dog used to roam outside the showroom but gradually he got attached with the employees of the showroom. After that, the people of the showroom kept him in their showroom. The salary of this dog has not been known yet, but yes it can definitely be said that now the dog will live a comfortable life.

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