Hyundai's Kashmir tweet is 'misuse of brand identity' Says the company
Hyundai's Kashmir tweet is 'misuse of brand identity' Says the company

Hyundai Motor posted  on Tuesday expressing its strong opposition to a Twitter post by a business distributor in Pakistan that referenced the "fight for freedom in Kashmir." Hyundai Motor India further stated that it is not connected with the distributor in Pakistan. Hyundai Motor India also stated that it does not comment on political and religious matters as a business policy.

Due to a post by a Hyundai Pakistan dealership on Kashmir, Hyundai and Hyundai Motor India, its Indian affiliate, have received a significant response. The hashtag #BoycottHyundai was trending on Twitter all day Monday. While Hyundai Motor India issued a statement on Monday, many people thought it didn't go far enough. Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal acknowledged in the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday that the Indian government had requested a stronger response from the South Korean carmaker.

In turn, Hyundai Motor issued a statement on the entire matter. “As a business policy, Hyundai Motor Company does not comment on political or religious issues in any specific region. Therefore it is clearly against Hyundai Motor's policy that the independently-owned distributor in Pakistan made unauthorized Kashmir-related social media posts from their own account," the statement read. “Once the situation was brought to our attention, we made the distributor acutely aware of the inappropriateness of the action. We have since taken measures to ensure the distributor, which misused the Hyundai brand identity, has removed the social media posts and we have put in place processes to prevent a future recurrence. Our subsidiary, Hyundai Motor India, is not associated with the distributor in Pakistan, and we strongly reject the distributor's unauthorized non-business related social media activity."


The statement went on to emphasise the company's long-standing relationship with India, which dates back to the mid-1990s. "We sincerely apologise for any offence caused to the Indian people as a result of this unauthorised social media activity."

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