I can understand the plight of a director when there is no hero, Says Taapsee Pannu

Jul 13 2018 11:17 AM
I can understand the plight of a director when there is no hero, Says Taapsee Pannu


Taapsee Pannu is now one of the names in Bollywood whose not only looks but her acting skills also make noise. She always proved that she is here in the industry not only to be a glam doll, she is here to showcase her talent. She is here to act. The baby actress has managed to carve a niche for herself in the entertainment industry, leading the way for her peers in many aspects. The actress talks about her doing a film on a profit-sharing basis.

Taapsee in an interview shared her views about how movies on profit sharing basis work and how difficult it is for an actress in the industry to work on this “I did my last Telugu film on a profit-sharing basis. I shared the profit with my producer as the film had no hero, and the concept was brilliant. I can understand the plight of a producer when there is no hero. I told him that I would not charge a fee, but take a share of the profit.”

The actress says that she cannot use the same strategy in Bollywood. “I have worked in the South Indian film industry for eight years, and I have to build a certain rapport with the people there; so I can take that risk. I have done so many films there, that people in B and C centers also know me.”

“When it comes to Hindi cinema, I am new. I might opt for profit-sharing in the future. The day B and C center audiences know me well here, I can take the risk. The day I’m sure people will come to watch my films, I will do that deal.”

Taapsee has recently done a movie with Diljit Dosanjh. The actress is exploring different shades of the industry. She will be seen in the upcoming film Mulk, along with Rishi Kapoor.

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