I cannot guarantee from my department that corruption will not happen.": Gehlot

Jaipur: Corruption in the government system is so deeply spread that even CM Ashok Gehlot looks helpless. CM Gehlot has now said that even in the department i have, I cannot guarantee corruption. There are also your people. No one is coming from outside, from another country to do corruption. In fact, CM Ashok Gehlot was clarifying on complaining of corruption in the teachers' department.

On November 16, Gehlot had questioned the teachers whether they had to pay for the work. Cm Gehlot has since cleaned up corruption eight times. When the CM was questioned why the government did not allow those caught in corruption to prosecute them, the CM replied that sometimes the matter looks something else and later something else emerges. State that a large number of officials caught on corruption charges are acquitted of not getting prosecution clearance from the employee government and then reinstated.

Gehlot then blamed the central government for giving prime postings again to IAS and IPS officials caught in corruption charges. He said permission to prosecute IAS and IPS officials comes from the central government. There's nothing we can do in that. Gehlot said we are doing full monitoring against corruption.

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