'I had no desire to become Vice President,' says Nitish Kumar

Patna: On Wednesday, Nitish Kumar took oath as the Chief Minister of Bihar for the 8th time. After becoming the Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar is continuously attacking the BJP. Meanwhile, on Thursday, he categorically rejected the claims of BJP leader Sushil Modi, in which he had said that Nitish Kumar wanted to become the Vice President. Nitish Kumar said that he had no such desire. This is a bogus thing. 

Actually, recently Sushil Modi had claimed that Nitish wanted to become the Vice President of India. Many senior leaders of JDU had also conveyed this matter to the Union Ministers. Nitish Kumar, in response to a question, asked about his desire to become the Vice President, said, he is speaking whatever comes to his mind. Haven't seen a man (Sushil Modi), saying we wanted to be the Vice President. It's a bogus thing. You guys should have asked him. We supported them in the Presidential and Vice Presidential elections. Thereafter, we called our party meeting and parted ways.

Without naming Rajya Sabha MP Sushil Modi, Nitish Kumar said that these people who are speaking, nothing has been made of them. Now these people are speaking against me. It is good that if these people speak against me, then they will get a place again. We have nothing to say about these people. 

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