“I will expose the reality”, Singer Adnan Sami on being mistreated in Pakistan
“I will expose the reality”, Singer Adnan Sami on being mistreated in Pakistan

One of the most loved singers and Padma Shri Awardee Adnan Sami became Indian. Adnan after renunciating his Pakistani citizenship, he became an Indian citizen in 2016. He had applied for an Indian passport a year before.  He was born in the UK to a Pakistani father and is now a citizen of India.  After years of leaving Pakistan Adnan vowed to disclose the truth about how the Pakistani administration treated him and stated that he has significant issues with the country.

Adnan Sami took to the social media and wrote, “Many people ask me why I have such contempt towards Pakistan. The hard truth is that I have absolutely no contempt towards the people of Pakistan who have been good to me. I love everyone who loves me- period. However, I have major issues with the establishment. Those who truly know me will also know what that establishment did to me for many years which ultimately became one of the big reasons for me to leave  Pakistan,".

He concluded the post and wrote, "One day, soon, I will expose the reality of how they treated me which no many know, least of all the general public which will shock many! I have remained silent about all this for many years, but will choose the right moment to tell all..."


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As soon as it catches the eyes of people they started commenting on it. One user wrote, "You should reveal it right away. Don’t wait for the moment. Now is the moment. Reveal it." Another user wrote, "You are our Hero....proud Indian like me and 1.4 billion people...Jai Hind." A third user commented, "We love Adnana Sami sir. No matter how much you get hated across the border you will always remain our jewel. India is so so proud of you. You have earned immense respect in India. You are also the recipient of the fourth highest civilian award Padma Shri."

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