Ibtehaj Hassan turns his dreams into reality in music as a young and driven music professional.

Though he has faced multiple criticisms on his path, he determinedly kept walking his way to success.

To make a name for oneself today in any industry is something that can test a person’s patience to the core. Not just this, it can also make people fall multiple times as challenges often intrude on dreams and aspirations in life and can pose several other hurdles on their way. However, what remains vital here is how individuals stay calm or face those challenges to ultimately overcome them all and pass the storms to ultimately attain sunshine and happiness in their lives and endeavours. More and more youngsters have entered industries across the world, especially creative and artistic realms like music, which is known for offering massive competition to everyone. However, skilled artists like Ibtehaj Hassan show the world what it means to stay resilient in one’s journey and how even amidst challenges, one can always find a sense of joy and success.

With songs like Dream Sight and Dreamless (https://open.spotify.com/artist/6Tg7DCApML4m63HlboSe7k), this young guy has become a rising DJ, performer, and a musical artist many are talking about already. Born and raised in New York, the US, and after completing his undergrad at the City University of New York, Brooklyn College, he initially thought of choosing traditional ways of career like becoming a doctor, but deep inside, he was aware of his innate talents in music, and that pushed him forward to follow his dreams in music. Fast forward to today, the driven music professional creates beats that have the power to thump people’s hearts.

Though he says nothing came to him without challenges and struggles, that is what exactly are also the things that helped him keep moving ahead on his path as he attributes a major part of his success today to the many experiences he gained through these tough times in his life. 

Ibtehaj Hassan says that his passion for creating great music helped him conquer the trying times.

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