Won't Afghanistan be able to play in T20 World Cup? ICC may impose ban

New Delhi: There are still doubts about Afghanistan playing in the T20 World Cup in October. In fact, Afghanistan has been captured by the Taliban, the terror group. After the Taliban took power in the country, top Officials of the Afghanistan Cricket Board have been removed from their posts and women's playing cricket has been banned.

The Taliban have handed over the command of Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) to Executive Director Hamid Shinwani to the Naseebullah Haqqani. In such a situation, if the Afghanistan team plays under the Taliban flag, the International Cricket Council (ICC) can ban the team from the World-Cup. ICC official said nothing can be said about Afghanistan playing in the T20 World Cup. The situation there is being closely monitored. Normally, if ICC restricts a cricket board, it ensures that it does not affect the players, as it is not their fault.

According to ICC rules, players have to explain under which banner they want to play. If Afghan cricketers talk about playing under the flag of Taliban, they may have to face opposition as other countries other than Pakistan will not support it. In such a situation, ICC can not only ban Afghanistan from playing but also exclude it from the list of 8 cricket member countries.

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