'Corona' may end from India, this plan gets green signal
'Corona' may end from India, this plan gets green signal

PM Modi did a lockdown to stop the coronavirus in India but the virus infection is still spreading. In view of the increasing cases of corona across the country, a large-scale investigation campaign has been approved. Indian Medical Research Council has authorized many more labs to test Covid-19. The ICMR has also approved antibodies test from blood samples. Now samples of Covid-19 will also be tested in the labs of Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Department of Science and Technology (DST), Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and Department of Atomic Research (DAE).

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Regarding the matter, an ICMR official said that the labs of these institutions have been asked to strictly follow the guidelines issued by the council before starting the investigation of Corona. It has been said by ICMR that this virus is very dangerous. Its samples reach for testing through several levels. At no stage can an untrained employee be employed. In the slightest carelessness, this virus can infect the lab and cause trouble for everyone.

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It has been clarified by ICMR that it will not provide any test kit or chemicals to these institutions. These labs will examine only samples sent by government institutions and government campaigns. The council said that since these labs are under reputed institutions, it will neither inspect them nor compromise any permission. The secretary of these departments will be suitable to make any compromise in this regard. The responsibility of these investigation labs will be with the concerned department. ICMR has also asked to strictly follow the rules for disposal of medical waste.

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