ICMR releases new guidelines to reduce load on labs, says "No need for COVID test..."

The burden over the testing labs has been increased with daily surge of cases. In bid of such tension on the testing laboratories Indian Council of Medical Research on Tuesday issued new guidelines.

With the new guidelines issued IVMR has advised to remove the requirement of testing for people travelling from one state to another. The move comes after several states have imposed rules requiring mandatory testing for incoming passengers. In the notification it added “Testing-tracking-tracing, isolation and home-based treatment of positive patients is the key measure to curb transmission of SARS-CoV-2, the causative agent of COVID-19.” ICMR’s apart from traveling restrictions advisory also suggested others ways to cope up with the increasing caseload. Notably, here are some measures ICMR recommended:

1. RT-PCR test must not be repeated who has tested positive once either by RAT or RT-PCR.


2. No testing is required for COVID recovered individuals at the time of hospital discharge.


3. The need for COVID test in healthy individuals undertaking inter-state domestic travel may be completely removed to reduce the load on laboratories.



4. Non-essential travel and interstate travel of symptomatic individuals should be essentially avoided to reduce the risk of infection.


5. All asymptomatic individuals undertaking essential travel must follow COVID-appropriate behavior.


6. Mobile testing laboratories are now available on GeM portal. States are encouraged to augment RT-PCR testing through mobile systems.


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