Know reason for excessive hairfall

Jul 19 2020 10:36 AM
Know reason for excessive hairfall

Hair loss has become a common problem. If it is understood in the medical language, then it is called Alopecia. Many times hair loss can be prevented by taking good care of it. But many people complain that no matter who gets treatment, their hair continues to break. If your hair continues to break even after taking good care, it is necessary to know the reason for it first and only then will you be able to get it treated properly. So let's know about the reason behind hair fall.

Hot shower
Due to hot water, hair follicles open and scalp also starts to dry. This opens the hair roots and consequently hair loss starts. However, once the hair is separated from the root, it becomes difficult to grow it again.

Stress is also a major reason behind hair loss. If you are going through a stressful situation, then your hair will fall. If you can reduce stress, then you can avoid hair fall.

Scalp infection
Apart from dandruff, there are many types of infections at scalp that cause hair loss. In addition to causing itchy fungus on the scalp, it also blocks the pores. Due to which the natural oil present on the scalp stops. This causes hair to break down from the roots.

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