Will reopen the slaughter house: Congress candidate Rizwan Qureshi in UP

Lucknow: The Congress party has released its first list of 125 candidates for the upcoming assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh. Where Congress has given a ticket to Rizwan Qureshi from the Moradabad city seat. Talking to the media after becoming a candidate, he said that after winning the election, he will reopen the closed slaughterhouses (Slothouse).

Talking about election issues, Rizwan Qureshi said his priority would be to open closed slaughterhouses. He said the police harass people in his fraternity because of the closure of the slaughterhouse. So if he wins, he will build modern slaughterhouses in the city. Qureshi said that in 2012, NGT had asked the government to close down the slaughterhouse and build a new one with modern equipment. Until then, the government should make alternative arrangements to earn the livelihood of the owners of slaughterhouses. In the meantime, the Congress candidate said that if I win the election, I will ensure that modern slaughterhouses are built in my constituency.

I will focus on the expansion of roads in Karula, the construction of a water tank at Karula and the construction of a dam on the Ramganga river, he further said. Due to the lack of embankment, there is water logging in the area adjoining Ramganga in the city in the rainy season. Which causes problems for people. So he will make it an issue in his elections as well.

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