If mosquitoes are bothering you, then some home remedies can get rid of mosquitoes

The summer season has arrived and in this season, the mosquitoes start coming as soon as the evening falls. Many people around the world are most troubled by mosquitoes in the summer. In such a situation, some people use sprays or coils found in the markets to kill mosquitoes. But using these chemical-rich substances has a bad effect on your health. In such a situation, if you want, you can get rid of mosquitoes with some home remedies and today we are going to tell you about those remedies.
Tulsi has many medicinal properties. It is said that the tulsi plant drives away the mosquitoes coming into the house. Yes and you can also use its juice on the body because by applying it, mosquitoes will not bite you.

Lemon grass - Lemon grass is used in every house because of its aroma. In fact, its freshness and enchanting fragrance keep your mood fresh along with driving away mosquitoes.

Marigold- Marigold flowers apart from making the house beautiful, it also drives away mosquitoes. In fact, its scent drives away mosquitoes. The scent of marigold also protects you from many other types of insects along with mosquitoes.

Camphor- Camphor is always used for worship, but it can also protect you from mosquitoes. While you burn camphor, close all the windows of the house and open the doors after some time. This will cause mosquitoes to run away.

Cleaning - It is very important to keep the house clean from the summer season. This is because mosquitoes come less in a clean place.

Lavender - Lavender oil is also added to the mosquito repellents that are used to drive away mosquitoes. In such a situation, lavender drives away mosquitoes with the smell of your house.

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