If the color is dark, then the lehenga of these colors will be worn in the wedding, it will look most beautiful.

Wedding season has arrived. In summer many girls are getting married and in the coming days also many girls are going to get married. In such a situation, every girl likes to look beautiful and unique on the wedding day. But sometimes because of the color too, she hesitates to choose a lehenga in her wedding. In fact, according to the skin tone, they also find it very difficult to choose a lehenga. In such a situation, today we have come to solve your problem. Actually, we will tell you such colors which will give your perfect look. Even if you are dusky, these colors will settle on you.

Orange Lehenga - You can choose orange color lehenga for your wedding. Actually, orange color lehenga with dusky skin tone will suit your look the best. Apart from this, you can carry green or golden colored jewelery with it. Along with this, you can also add Mehrun color choli with orange lehenga.

White lehenga - White lehenga will also be best for your wedding. Depending on your skin tone, it will come out brighter. In fact, white floral print lehengas are trending a lot these days. In such a situation, you can also try a similar lehenga in your wedding.

Aqua lehenga - If you are dusky, then take aqua color. It is light weight and lightweight. It gives you an elegant kind of look. Yes and you can choose it for your wedding. At the same time, you can carry golden or silver jewelry with it.

Peacock Blue Lehenga - If you are dusky, then you can choose Peacock Blue color lehenga for your wedding. This lehenga will be good according to your skin tone. If you want, you can choose a dark colored lehenga. At the same time, you can add a white or yellow color choli with it, or you can also try the look of orange and yellow color dupatta with a peacock blue color lehenga.

Green- Green color is in trend nowadays. In such a situation, you can also try it. At the same time, you can try golden jewelery with green.

Mustard Yellow - Mustard yellow color lehenga will look good in the wedding. Mustard yellow lehenga is perfect for girls of all colours. Even if your skin tone is a bit dark, you can wear a mustard yellow colored lehenga to your wedding.

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