If there are obstacles in marriage, you must take these surefire measures today.

The guru is called devguru. Jupiter is also one of the nine planets. It is said that if your marriage is facing frequent hurdles, money crisis is disturbing, education is getting hampered or success is not being achieved even after repeated attempts, you must show the position of the guru in your horoscope. According to astrology, Jupiter is considered to be a very powerful planet. If Jupiter is weak, there is turmoil in the life of man. If you are also facing any of the above problems, you must take some measures related to Jupiter on Thursday. Learn about these measures here.

These measures are also of great use:-

– Take a bath every Thursday by adding a pinch of turmeric to your water before taking a bath. After bathing, chant om namo bhagwate vasudevaya namah mantra.
– Get up before sunrise on Thursday. After taking a bath, light a ghee lamp in front of Lord Vishnu and recite Vishnu Sahasranama. Enjoy a sweet made of besan.
- Donate yellow items like gram dal, turmeric, besan, gold etc. on Thursdays. Also, feed the cow every Thursday by placing jaggery and gram in the flour dough.
- Avoid giving money if someone comes to ask for money on this day on Thursday. Do not cut, wash, or cut nails, etc. on this day.
– Chant the Guru Mantra on Thursday. You can choose one of the few mantras mentioned here :
Om Brin Brahaspatye Namah
Om Grand Green Grounds: Gurve Namah:
Om And Sri Brahaspatye Namah:
Om Gun Gurve Namah:
Om Kleen Brahaspatye Namah:

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