If there is a non-BJP government at the Centre, NDPP will dump the BJP: Nagaland Congress chief

As soon as a non-BJP government is established at the Centre, the NDPP will quit the BJP. K Therie, the president of the Nagaland Congress, declared this.

"As soon as a non-BJP government is established at the Centre, he (Nagaland CM Neiphiu Rio) would dump the BJP." In Nagaland, the BJP has no spirit, and the people despise it. For the time being, all that matters is power and money. "It's only temporary, and there won't be any lasting effects," Therie added.

Further slamming the opponent Nagaland government led by Neiphiu Rio, Therie said that all parties in the UDA government are working to postpone a solution to the Naga political issues.

"...their common goal is to delay a political solution while also corrupting the public treasury." They're also working hand in hand with militants from the same faction, and they're afraid of the NIA and CBI for their crimes and corruption, according to the Nagaland Congress chairman.

"All MLAs are begging for his compassion to bankroll their costly election,". They like two rotten potato bags. I'm hoping that two bags of rotting potatoes combined would rot faster," Therie said. "In the meantime, his hands are full, and in the coming election, he will get rid of certain MLAs." He could keep some to torture in his dungeon," he thought.

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