if there is a plan to visit in the monsoon, then there is no better place than Goa
if there is a plan to visit in the monsoon, then there is no better place than Goa

The monsoon has already begun and the fun of visiting is something else. If you're planning a walk, you'll be nowhere better than Goa. Today we are going to tell you about the adventures we get in Goa. During monsoons, you can enjoy visiting Goa. Learn about those places.

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There are many small waterfalls in Goa, including the Milksagar Falls. Their beauty is evident during the monsoon season. The strong rain increases the flow of water. Water is also as clean as milk, which adds to the beauty of the scene.

Goa Monsoon Festival
During monsoon days, Goa has a festival called 'Sao Go'. It is traditionally celebrated. All citizens of Goa enjoy the festival and are specially honoured if they are tourists in Goa.

Greenery all around
After reading the rain the farm and trees begin to shine. South Goa has a lot of wildlife sanctions. If it rains lightly, it's a different experience to visit these places.

Beach Edge
It is true that during the rainy day, there are high waves from the sea, but watch the highs of these waves, hear their voices, and sit together on the seaside and sit on the sea. Coffee is available only in monsoons.

Cheap Sights
In monsoons, people often distance themselves from Goa, so it is off-season. This makes the hotel and resort fares come down. In the season where hotel fares are sky-rocketing, monsoons are extremely cheap. Not only that, you won't get crowded wherever you go. So you can move around easily.

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