'If Yogi becomes CM, I will migrate..., Munawwar Rana's announcement ahead of UP polls

Lucknow: With just a few days left for the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. In such a situation, all the parties are campaigning in a big way.  At the same time, all the parties are attracting the attention of the voters on different issues.  In this election season, the Jinnah-Pakistan issue is also looking very hot.  This has now been reacted to by the famous shayar Munawwar Rana.

Rana said, "People will look into the real issues and vote. What is the point of elections from Jinnah-Pakistan? No party will gain anything from this. He further said, "Earlier the name of the barrister was being taken, then Jinnah's name had to come. At the same time, Rana also targeted the BJP, saying, "Right now we will say that we are 'resting', then these people will start saying why are you 'coming' in our Ram." At the same time, he also attacked PM Narendra Modi, he said that PM Modi has stopped talking sugar to sugar for fear of China.

Talking about migration, Rana said, "I have already said, if the yogi comes, I will flee.  This point should be clearly noted.  He also said that, if the exodus of 10 Hindus from Kairana is mentioned, thousands of Muslims are also migrating from here which should be looked into.  He said that muslims have now stopped keeping knives in their homes that they do not know when the yogi will lock them up.

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