If you also have such a 1 rupee coin, you can become a millionaire

Today, there are many reports which are shocking. In the recent past, a one rupee coin has been auctioned for Rs 10 crore. In fact, the coin was issued in 1885, that is, it belonged to the British era. On the other hand, if you have such a very old coin or something very old, you can auction it off. With the auction you can become the owner of crores. Let us know how?

In fact, there are many people around the world who are willing to pay many times more than the value of old coins, old notes, etc. Yes, and one such case has come to light recently in which a 1 rupee coin has been auctioned for Rs. Similarly, in June 2021, the 1933 American coin in New York was auctioned for about Rs 138 crore. The coin was very old and was issued in the year 1885. This means that it was issued when India was ruled by the English rule. It is because of this specialty that the coin has sold expensively. It is not new that people buy small coins or notes at a high price, but such a big bid does surprise. You can still earn crores of rupees in exchange for old coins or notes. There are many people who deposit them only as a hobby and pay a high price.

Where you can sell - If you also have something like a coin or note of your grandfather's time, you can try your luck. Such coins are mostly sold on websites like Indiamart.com and CoinBazar, but you can also put such coins on websites like OLX, Amazon, eBay. Yes and moreover, you can go and sell it where you get a higher price. In fact, on those websites, you can register your rare thing by giving your name, address, email, phone number, etc. Keep in mind that if you have a rare coin or thing, don't be hasty in selling it, because the bid can start from millions to crores and you can become a millionaire.

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