If you also like spicy food then read this news first
If you also like spicy food then read this news first

In today's time there are many people who like to eat spicy food. Yes, many people are fond of eating spicy to spicy food. However it is very harmful. In fact, spicy food can do a lot of damage to your health. Let us tell you that excessive use of red chili powder can cause many problems in the body. Although people use it more knowing it. So now today we are going to tell you about the damage caused by it.

Diarrhea problem- Using more red chili powder in food can cause digestion problems. In fact, spicy food destroys the nutrients of the food. Yes because it spoils the digestion. On the other hand, eating red chilies can make you a victim of a disease like diarrhea.

Mouth ulcer problem- Eating more red chili powder can also cause ulcers in the mouth. This is because red chili is very spicy. With this, once someone gets into the habit of eating spicy, then after that he does not like the food of balanced test.

Respiratory problems- Eating red chili powder can be harmful for asthma patients. Yes, if you have asthma or any respiratory disease, then consumption of red chili can be dangerous for you. By eating more spicy and red chilies, there is a risk of swelling in the veins of the body.

Risk of pre-term delivery- Women who eat more red chili powder have an increased risk of pre-term delivery. Yes and pregnant women should avoid eating red chili powder in food.

Stomach Ulcer Problem- Eating more red chili powder can cause ulcer in your stomach. This disease can also prove to be fatal for you. Let us tell you that a chemical called aflatoxin is found in red chili, due to which there can be a risk of stomach, liver and colon cancer.

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