If you also use thermocol then be so be careful

Jun 15 2019 06:43 PM
If you also use thermocol then be so be careful

Nowadays, restaurants are seen drinking tea in a cup of thermocol. At the same time, thermocoal cups are used nowadays in any party function. Use and throws are more easily dissolved in the environment. But do you know how harmful thermocol cups are and are a threat to your life? Today, we're going to talk about how harmful it can be to your health.

Stomach Bad
The disposable of thermocoal may also be used regularly on the back of stomach upset. This is because it is not completely hygenic. When added to these hot foods, the frozen bacteria and germs dissolve in it and enter the body.

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If you regularly drink tea, coffee or hot items in plastic or thermocol cups and get allergic, this may be due to this cup. The body will start to have rashes and can grow slowly. The first sign of an allergy caused by the use of thermocol is sore throat or pain.

Cancer problem
Experts believe that the cups of thermocol are made of polysteroids, which are extremely harmful to our health. It is important to avoid using it as much as possible. When we drink hot tea in a cup of thermocol, some of its ingredients dissolve with hot tea and go into the stomach and lead to a serious cancer-like disease.

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