If you also want the best signals in Wifi, follow this method

Wi-Fi routers are very important gadgets for internet connection in the home. If you are working from home then having a good internet connection is a must. Many of you are going to have a Wi-Fi router at home. Some people's router will work well, but some people are going to complain about their router. Usually, connectivity problems are going to occur due to the router being placed in the wrong place. In today's report, we are going to tell you about the best position of Wi-Fi router.

Avoid placing the Wi-Fi router on the ground or floor. The speed of a Wi-Fi router can also be affected by a wall covering such as metal or concrete, so be sure to check the path of the Wi-Fi router. I am not facing any obstacle. Also, keeping this router on the ground should be avoided.

There should be no obstruction in front of the router: Do not place the router in a place where a lot of stuff is already kept. There should be no metal objects near the Wi-Fi router, as this may be affecting the signal.

Keep away from electronic gadgets. Do not place the Wi-Fi router near any electronic gadgets. The router should be kept away from electronic items like TV, baby monitor, bluetooth headset, freeze. You are going to get better signals than before.

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