If you are bored by visiting Manali-Ladakh in winter, then celebrate your holiday at this place

People are fond of roaming in cold weather and it is fun to visit snow spots this season. That is why people plan to visit the snow-lit place as the winter season approaches. In such cases, people look for new places every time. Now you are also on the same list and if you have enjoyed places like Manali and Ladakh, you can plan to visit Patnitop this winter. Today we tell you the best place to visit here.

* Mathatop is the most beautiful place of patnitop and lovely place for tourists. This beautiful place is located about 5 kilometres from Patnitop. There is always a blanket of snow in the winter season and you can go here and click a lot of photos.

* The beauty of Kud Park is very beautiful. It is extremely famous for beautiful flowers and it is special to visit anytime here. Although you are looking for a beautiful park in Patnitop, you will not find a beautiful place anywhere else from Kud Park. Here you can enjoy fiercely.

* Natthatop is one of the finest and most famous tourist destinations in Jammu. It is close to patnitop. If you are looking for a beautiful place in the winter season, it can be the best place for you to visit. You will feel great after going here and enjoying yourself.

* Billu's pauri is located on the hills a short distance from patnitop. The view and beauty here is very much liked by the tourists. People have to climb 270 steps to reach here and this is the most special place for couples.

* The Nag Temple is located near Patnitop, and it is a beautiful place to visit. It is said that this temple is about 600 years old. Devotees throng here during Nag Panchami, but if you feel like roaming around, you can go here.

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