If you are doing these 25 things so you can never become rich

Jun 24 2019 06:25 PM
If you are doing these 25 things so you can never become rich

We all know that not every human being in the world can be happy. Everyone wants to earn a lot of money in their lives, but even after a million attempts, they are not able to succeed. So we're going to tell you today what's causing this failure. Yes, the first is your unfinished karma and the second is not to side with your destiny, but there may be some reasons according to Vastu and Astrology to find out what they are. Let's explain.

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1. Fragmented, broken things in the house.
2. Having spider webs in the house.
3. Having a pigeon's nest in the house.
4. Scattered or loose wire of electricity
5. Having cut wire etc. for drying clothes.
6. Malfunctioning or shutting down of electrical equipment.
7. Negative pictures like Taj Mahal, sinking boat etc.
8. Torn old cloth bag, junk etc.
9. Having prickly plants or negative show-plants.
10. Tobacco eating, drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes.
11. Keeping the pores dirty.
12.Thinking negatively in the period.
13. Keep getting angry every day.
14. Deity, insulting the deity.
15. Lying and cheating.
16. Annoying the woman, the aged, the children, the animals and the birds.
17. Urinating in near the kitchen.
18. Wear pants from the left foot.
19. Be angry when the guests arrive.
20. keep hair over Forty days.
21. Cutting nails from teeth.
22. Tie women's standing and hair.
23. Wearing torn clothes.
24. Pee under the tree or standing.
25. Doing things in the temple.

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