If you are getting hiccups again and again, then do this remedy

Why does hiccup occur? This question is in the mind of many people and as soon as hiccups come, people start taking measures to stop it. It is believed that hiccups occur in the canal of the throat, which is an involuntary action of your muscles. Yes and this happens when the diaphragm muscles suddenly contract and you are not able to control it.

After that the sound of hiccup comes out. However, these hiccups usually last for a few minutes. Let us tell you that in many cases, hiccups occur when eating too much or too often or eating spicy food. With this, many people start getting hiccups even when they are excited or under stress. Yes, and in such a situation, if you are having trouble with hiccups for a long time, then you can show it to the doctor. Today we are going to tell you ways to stop hiccups.

You can hold your breath for a while to stop the hiccups. Yes, holding your breath for a few seconds effectively keeps some carbon dioxide in your body. In this case, it helps to eliminate spasm in the diaphragm, which can prevent hiccups.

When you have hiccups, you can drink cold water. This can also prevent hiccups. This is because when you are swallowing water, the contraction of the diaphragm can end the spasm.

If hiccups are coming continuously, then you can stop it by taking out the tongue at such a time. It may sound strange, but this trick is useful. Actually, your tongue is a pressure point and stretching your tongue stimulates the muscles of your throat.

To stop hiccups, you have to sit in a comfortable place. After that bring the knees to your chest and keep them there for two minutes. In fact, stretching your knees compresses the chest, which can stop the spasm of the diaphragm.

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