If you are troubled by the pain in the joints, then apply this one thing by mixing it in mehndi, it will be relieved quickly

Now it is going on and the heat has increased a lot. In such a situation, applying mehndi during this time can prove to be beneficial in terms of both health and beauty. Yes, the beautiful mehndi made on the hands has benefits for both health and beauty. Now today we are going to tell you the benefits of this for your health.

* Mehndi can be used as a medicine to purify the blood. Yes, for this, soak henna in clean water at night and drink it after filtering it in the morning.

* If you are troubled by the problem of pain in the knees or joints, then grind equal quantity of henna and castor leaves and apply this mixture on the knees after heating it slightly.

* If you are troubled by a problem like headache or migraine, then grinding henna and applying it on the head will be of great benefit.

* In case of burns at any place on the body, grind the leaves of henna and grind it and apply the paste.

* Prepare a solution by mixing curd, amla powder, fenugreek powder in henna and apply it on the hair. Wash the hair after keeping it in the hair for about 1 to 2 hours. This makes the hair black, thick and shiny.

* Mehndi is used to reduce the increased heat in the body. For this, apply henna on the soles of the hands and feet.

* Soak fresh leaves of henna in clean water and after keeping it overnight, filter it and drink it in the morning. By doing this the heat of the body goes away.

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