If you are troubled by the smell of sweat, then tomato juice will be useful.

Sweating after a physical activity or in the summer season is a natural process. By the way, not only heat, but in every season, if you do more activity, then sweating starts and due to this, the chances of smell coming from the body are also very high. However, if your body also smells bad, then you can reduce the smell of sweat of the body with the help of some home remedies. At the same time, it can control sweating in your body. Let's know about them.

Take a bath after exercise - it is very important to take a bath to reduce the bad smell of the body. Yes, and especially after exercise, take a bath. Actually, there is a lot of sweating during exercise, it is likely to cause bacterial problems in the body. At the same time, the smell of sweat is also quite high. You must take a bath after exercise because after bathing, you feel fresh and it also reduces the dirt and smell of the body.

Use antibacterial soap - Use anti-bacterial soap to reduce the smell of sweat. In fact, it helps to get rid of bacteria and at the same time, it can also reduce the bad smell of the body.

Change clothes - When your body sweats a lot after physical activity or exercise, then you must change clothes during this time. Yes, because changing clothes can reduce the bad smell of the body.

Eat healthy - Excessive consumption of certain foods also causes the body to stink sweat. Yes and these foods include things like chillies, spices, alcohol, fat. In such a situation, if you want to reduce the smell of sweat, then keep away from such foods.

Tomato juice- Consume tomato juice to reduce sweating and its smell from the body. In fact, it keeps you fresh and at the same time will reduce the smell of sweat.

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