If you are upset with office politics, take these 2 effective measures
If you are upset with office politics, take these 2 effective measures

People work very hard to achieve success in life and earn money. They work day and night in the office, work overtime to make it better in the eyes of the boss in the office. But despite all these efforts, they do not find success in life. Sometimes office politics, non-cooperation of team members, or other things hinder a person's success. The Red Book and Astrology provide a variety of simple measures to overcome these difficulties in life. Let us know about these 2 measures.

Worship of The Sun God:-
Tradition seisthesis that the sun is the factor planet of success. If you want to succeed in job business, competitive exams, the worship of Sun God is the only solution. For this, you need to take water in a copper pot regularly and add roli and red flowers to it and offer it to the sun. By doing this, you will get one success after another. But make sure that water splashes do not fall on your feet.

Donate besan laddoos:-
In astrology, jupiter is considered to be extremely auspicious. It is said that by the grace of Jupiter, good fruits are obtained in every sector. The grace of Jupiter is essential for success in your career. Donate besan laddoos, gram dal and yellow clothes every Thursday. By doing so, the difference will be clearly visible in a few days. Also, apply turmeric vaccine on your way for any auspicious work. Success is bound to be achieved.

Astro Tips for Pausha Month: If the Sun is weak in the horoscope, then definitely do these measures

Falling of these things again and again is very inauspicious, know their signs.

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