Don't use heaters in winter, Know the disadvantages
Don't use heaters in winter, Know the disadvantages

In a trembling winter, when quilts and blankets are not useful, people keep their bodies warm by running heaters in their homes. Many people are addicted to sitting in front of the heater in the face of a cold. While doing so, the body may heat up at that time, but excessive use of heaters absorbs moisture from the body and causes a variety of damage. Excessive use of heaters also eliminates moisture from the body. Let us tell you what harm you can suffer by using heaters.

Skin gets dry:-
Room heaters absorb the moisture present in the air and make it dry. It also affects the skin. Prolonged stay in the heater also makes the skin dry. Not only that, there are many types of infections on the skin when dry. If you have a room heater, you should first fill the room with a bucket of water to maintain moisture in the room. With this, the window door of the room should not be completely closed. They should be kept slightly open so that the air keeps coming in from outside and ventilation is maintained.

Wrinkles on the skin may occur:-
Cold season heater may provide some relief but using it continuously can cause wrinkles on your skin. In fact, the gas from the heater spoils the quality of the skin and spoils the tissues. These tissues are within the skin and their deterioration leads to pigmentation problems. If you are also using a heater, do it for a while.

Itching begins to occur in the eyes:-
The continuous movement of the heater eliminates moisture in the air present in the room. It also begins to deplete the moisture in the eyes along with the skin and cause irritation and itching in the eyes. Therefore, when you run a heater, you must fill the room with water. If the eyes are itching, sprinkle water instead of rubbing it. Rubbing can also make the eyes red.

Electric heaters absorb the moisture from the air present in the room and make the air dry. In such a situation, people who are already suffering from some type of respiratory disease begin to feel the problem of suffocation. To avoid this problem, you should fill the room with a bucket of water while using the heater. At the same time, all windows and doors should not be completely closed while using heaters, but a little ventilation must be maintained.

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