Benefits of adding bitter melon to your diet

Jan 10 2021 03:51 PM
Benefits of adding bitter melon to your diet

Karela's taste may be bitter, but it is very beneficial for health. Karela has more medicinal properties than other vegetables or fruits. Karla is a vegetable with an aroma. It is easily digested after eating. Phosphorus is found in Karela to relieve cough complaints. Karela contains proteins, calcium, carbohydrates, phosphorus, and vitamins. Let us tell you about the qualities of Kadwe Karela.

Benefits of eating bitter gourd:

1) Karela should be consumed if there is a cough complaint. Karela has phosphorus which causes cough complaints to be removed.

2) Bitter gourd enhances our digestive power, the more it increases appetite.

3) Karela is cold, so it is beneficial for the treatment of heat-borne diseases.

4) Eating karela vegetables without a spice when it comes to asthma benefits.

5) Bitter gourd is very beneficial for paralyzed patients. Therefore, the paralyzed patient should eat raw bitter gourd.

6) When vomiting or cholera, it is immediately beneficial to use a little water and black salt in karela juice.

7) Bitter gourd is a panacea for liver-related diseases.

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