If you have to go for honeymoon in winter, then these 5 places will be the best and romantic

If your marriage is fixed in the cold season but you are not understanding the place for honeymoon, then we are going to tell you about some places where you can romance with your partner and live a quiet life. Huh. Let us know about those places.

Kashmir- One of the most beautiful places in India and the world, Kashmir is where the winter season is very special. In fact, it is snowing heavily in Kashmir these days. Due to this, the view here is excellent in the winter season i.e. in the month of December. Every place here is very attractive and you can also do sports skiing and icing here. Along with this, you cannot forget Dal Lake, it makes you moments more special.

Jaisalmer- If you do not like very cold place and you have only 3-4 days time then you can go to Jaisalmer. Yes because here the weather of December is most special and wonderful. Here in the desert you can spend a good time with your partner. Along with this, you can enjoy safaris and camping. Not only this, you will get different pleasure by coming here.

Andaman- After Goa, people's heart goes to the charming beaches of Andaman. Yes, and in the month of December, here you can have a candle light dinner on the beach with your partner, enjoy watching the setting sun, as well as enjoy the most special beaches of Asia.

Goa- Most famous and everyone's favorite, it is also a very popular honeymoon destination among Indian couples. Yes, the fun of night life in Goa is something else and if you are a seafood lover then this place is no less than a paradise for you. In the season of December, the beauty of this place remains different.

Kerala- Kerala is one of the luxurious places. Yes, there are not only beaches here, but there are many other things to visit. There are backwaters, serene beaches filled with sand, greenery, fog clad hills and many more magical experiences like these that are scattered in Kerala. After reaching Kerala you will find plains, mountains, lakes and houseboats that will win your heart.

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If you want to have romance with your wife, then definitely go to these 5 romantic places

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