If you love your wife, then do these 6 promises on Karwa Chauth

Oct 23 2018 09:38 AM
If you love your wife, then do these 6 promises on Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth's fast is coming this time on October 27. This fast is kept by Suhagan women for the longevity of their husbands. If you also want to give a special gift to your partner on this festival of love and faith, which will be memorable for them, then do these 6 promises with your wife. Let's know what are the precious 6 promises.

Cigarette addiction

If there is cigarette addiction and want to leave then this can not be a better chance. This year, promise to with your wife to quit smoking.

Help in the household work

If you love your partner, then this is the right opportunity to make them feel like this too. For this, you can distribute their hands in domestic work. With this step they will get a little time away from home chores and they will be able to spend this time with you.

TV remote

The main issue of fight between Mian-Biwi often causes the TV remote. Promise them in such a way that you will always listen to them before leaving TV and phone.


If you are costly in nature, because of which you says no to savings, then this time promise them to save money.

Lose weight

If your weight is high, then this Karwa Chauth promise to make every effort to lose weight. Safety in sexual relationships Promising security and caution in sexual relationships, there is no better promise than this.

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