If you need dense eyelashes, then apply castor oil like this


Castor oil is used by most people today. It is also called castor oil and is also considered to be a very beneficial oil. It is used externally as well as in the body until consumed. Now today we tell you the benefits of its skin, which are excellent and amazing.

* Mixing this oil with coconut oil and applying it on the black spots slowly lets it go away.

* By applying castor oil in the hair, it is dense and long and at the same time, the problem of Rusi is also removed.

* Castor oil is applied on the eyelids to make it dense and beautiful. Girls can use it easily. ,

* You can take half a teaspoon of castor oil and drink it in a cup of milk as it cures the problem of constipation.

* Massaging castor oil around the eyes removes the swelling of the eyes.

* Massaging with castor oil does not hang the skin and reduces wrinkles.

* Mixing aloe vera juice in castor oil relieves the problem of irritation of warts.

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