Want to avoid havoc of rising cold, bring home this superb heater today

On Amazon, you get the option of all kinds of room heaters. The expensive room heater has an Oscillation heater of HONEYWELL that also provides fan-like heating in the entire room. Also, it has a LED display to view the temperature in which you will be able to set the temperature for 8 hours. It stops itself when an object appears. It also has tipped over and overheat protection for safety. Know the features and prices of the Oscillation Heater.

If you need the best quality heater for the house then buy HONEYWELL Heater from Amazon. This heater is two in one in which you can purify air along with heating. The price of this heater is Rs. 51,044.

How HONEYWELL Heater works:

This is a smart oscillation Heater which is also found in the design of a tower heater. Oscillation heaters heat the area by heating the air and can also use it as a fan if the heater is not required. It can also heat throughout the area along with spot heating. It has motion sensors that detect an object when it is too close and turn it off automatically. Because of this feature, it is very safe for children or pets.

Auto of tip-over switch is also being provided for safety so that it stops automatically even when it falls, tilts or overheats. With a large LCD display that allows it to operate easily, as well as change any settings of the heat. A remote is also being provided to operate it so that you can sit anywhere and set its temperature remotely.

With permanent dust filters, no dust goes into this heater and can perform well for many years. This heater has 2 heating modes so that you can also save energy and the electricity bill is not going to increase. This heater can run on the low heating mode in which it can consume only 1500W electricity. The design of this heater is very slim and is perfect for heating throughout the room.

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