If You Want to Achieve Glowing Skin like Jaya Kishori, Then Adopt This Trick
If You Want to Achieve Glowing Skin like Jaya Kishori, Then Adopt This Trick

It seems like you're asking for a summary of an interview with motivational speaker and storyteller Jaya Kishori, particularly focusing on her personal life and her views on skincare. Jaya Kishori shared insights into her daily life during a recent podcast interview, emphasizing her preference for simplicity in skincare routines.

According to Jaya Kishori, everyone has their own way of living at home, and she is no exception. She described her typical routine, mentioning that she prefers comfort and simplicity. When at home, she often ties her hair in a bun and wears comfortable clothes. Emphasizing her natural approach, she mentioned that she avoids using any unnecessary products or accessories. She stressed that she prefers not to adorn herself with extras, including makeup, except for moisturizer.

In selecting moisturizer, she mentioned having tested 10-15 options before settling on one that suited her. She jokingly remarked that she tells her mother that even God doesn't want her to do anything else to her face, fearing it might lead to acne breakouts.

This anecdote from Jaya Kishori's life not only provides a glimpse into her personal habits but also reflects her down-to-earth nature and her commitment to simplicity. It's a reminder that self-care doesn't necessarily require elaborate routines or expensive products, but rather a mindful selection of what works best for oneself.

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