Follow these measures to live a long life

Jan 17 2021 10:08 PM
Follow these measures to live a long life

If you want to live a long life, just focus on four things and get a long life. Do not smoke, exercise regularly, curb weight and eat healthy food daily. Scientists claim that these four easy steps substantially reduce the risk of early death. Not only that, perhaps this is the first time that scientists have assessed how many years your life will increase if you adopt this lifestyle.

For the urban people of the country, the computer is becoming the main cause of back pain. According to a study, the increasing use of computers and bad roads in big cities and metros are increasing the problem of back pain. Dr Orthopaedics Specialist, AIIMS, Arvind Jaiswal said that the number of young professionals who have come up with a complaint of back pain in his department is increasing. At present, the IT and BPO sector people are becoming the worst victims of back pain. As per the analysis of patients admitted in AIIMS, at present 15 to 20% of the people suffer from back pain and this percentage is increasing rapidly.

The study conducted in eight cities of the country has concluded that about 67% of people working on computers at home or at the level are suffering from back pain. Out of 400 people involved in a study conducted by a voluntary organization called Health India and manufacturers of painkiller Iodex, 269 people who were found to be suffering from back pain worked on computers for two to five hours a day.

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