If you want to make the most delicious vegetable, then these hacks related to spices will be useful for you

Sometimes there is more spice in the food and sometimes more chillies, and every woman in the house is troubled by this problem. Well today we are going to tell you some special tips related to spices which will definitely come in handy for you. In fact, if salt, chillies, spices are not in the right quantity in the vegetable, then the taste of the whole vegetable gets spoiled. On the other hand, if there is no expert person in the kitchen, then with the help of these spice-related hacks, one can easily prepare delicious food. Now let's know which are those special tips.

* Yes, if you are using chili in the food. Yes, instead of adding chopped chilies, use crushed red chilies to enhance the flavor of lentils or vegetables. Apart from this, add crushed red chilies to temper the lentils or vegetables. By the way, if you want, you can also add chopped green chilies. Actually, the taste of chili comes more than crushed and the vegetable also looks delicious.

* In the same way, instead of using pre-grinded black pepper, make it freshly crushed. Doing so will greatly affect the taste.

* If you have ever seen a chef cooking, you will find that he puts salt by hand. At the same time, often in homes, we put salt with the help of a spoon. Although adding salt by hand tends to spread it throughout the food, and it is less likely to cause an overdose. Keep in mind that only when the food is slightly cooked, add salt. In many homes, salt is added to smelt the vegetable, which ultimately results in more or less salt.

* If you want a slightly different flavor in the vegetable, then roast and crush the cumin seeds fresh and add it as the taste increases with it.

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